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Dasher Boards System

DASHER BOARD SYSTEM for professional and amateur sports with
protection for advertising
and the system
of warehousing of elements.



Professional protective boards SILESIA TOP are made for large ice arenas according to requirements of International Hockey Federation IHF. Recreational boards SILESIA STANDARD for small ice fields have lightened construction and supplied with access gate and doors for snow blower.

A dasher board system for professional and amateur sports ice skating rinks is used for fence the ice field off a recreational area or for protection of the spectators during playing hockey. A kick plate is also provided adjacent the lower edge in order to accept the impact of hockey pucks.

The dasher board system is available with protection for advertising and the system of warehousing of elements. The dasher boards are disclosed comprising the flat front panels with a flange adjacent the lower edge to support the panel in a vertical upright position. It has exceptional performance and low maintenance. The boards are made with high strength, lightweight material. Each component is specially designed to fit together; there are no exposed brackets, anchors or strength supports and nothing to trip over.

The protection system of on-board advertising - the panel has a sheet containing some advertising marks or notes located near the front part of the panel and a glass sheet is positioned over the sheet and secured to the panel. Due to loosen of fixing of the polycarbonate sheet the advertising can be easy replaced. The protection system of on-board advertising can be established after installation of dashboards onto the ice arena, but it is more economically to mount the system during manufacture of boards.

The collapsible design of dasher board system allows quick mounting and dismounting ice skating rinks of any sizes for any period of time. Besides, such construction can be used for various actions - concerts, shows, exhibitions, etc.

Warehousing and transportation of the board elements - the system is developed for simplification of installation and re-installation process. It includes the platforms and the carriages for warehousing and transportation of the sections of the dashboards, protective glass dashboards, racks, and goalkeeper gate.





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